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Take maximum advantage of tax opportunities

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Fiscal legislation and regulations can be complex and the rules in this area change frequently. We understand that you do not have the time (and probably not the urge) to stay informed of all the current obligations in this area. You have more important things to do.

Most entrepreneurs are not very enthusiastic about taxation. Many obligations with red tape and errors can have major consequences. Most of our clients do not find this the most exciting part of their business operations. We see it differently and fiscal obligations are just part of the reality of doing business.

In addition, there are many options to minimise the payable tax. Having a clear picture of your financial position can be very beneficial.

Therefore, we always investigate the most optimal fiscal position for our client. We continuously look ahead to avoid any nasty surprises and to make full use of opportunities.

The formal handling of tax matters usually takes a lot of time and it is very important that these are handled correctly. Errors in this area can have nasty consequences and can often be avoided. It is important to know that we have handled these matters more often.

We are our client’s contact point for the tax authorities. We will arrange all applicable declarations on time and in the unlikely event of a dispute with the tax authorities, we will look after your interests so that you can continue as usual.

Do you have any questions regarding your tax situation? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Together we will ensure that you make full use of your tax opportunities and with the least risk.

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    • Introduction with a cup of coffee

      Allereerst zullen we tijdens een persooFirst of all, during a personal introduction we will discuss the assignment. Among other things, we will go through the relevant developments, the ambitions of your organization, your personal ambitions, etc. This way, we will get a clear picture of the actual assignment and what you want to achieve.nlijk gesprek bij ons of bij u op kantoor, de opdracht voorbespreken. Hierbij nemen we onder anderen de relevante ontwikkelingen door, de ambities van uw organisatie, uw persoonlijke ambities, etc. Op deze manier krijgen wij een goed beeld van de werkelijke opdracht en wat u wilt bereiken.

    • Carrying out the assignment

      After you have agreed that we will carry out the assignment for you, we will need some documents from you. We will let you know what the items to be delivered are at this stage. If necessary, we will plan (another) to you.

    • Discussing the assignment

      After we have completed the assignment, we will personally take you through our findings. We will also evaluate the progress of the assignment itself and things like the lead time, delivery of documents and feedback with regard to the assignment.

    • Reporting

      For optimal insight, we report via a digital portal, among others. All findings and applicable documents can be found there. Of course we can also email you the documents or send them to you by post. The final step is to plan the next visit again for the upcoming period.