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Decide (right) based on facts

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Some companies are obliged to publish an annual account. We always advise these companies to have the annual account prepared by us. In the annual report, we look back on the business activities of the past year. The content of the report is often the basis for making company decisions. These decisions may have a large impact. When the annual account is prepared professionally by us, you can make the right decisions and fully concentrate on your company.

Entrepreneurs often have a lot of passion and they are determined. In practice, we see many entrepreneurs who make decisions based on their feelings. Which in itself is a good thing, but not always convenient.

In some situations, it would be nice to base yourself on factual and reliable information, for example when you have to make a decision that could have an impact on your future or that of your company.

We prepare the annual account for numerous companies within various industries, both national and international. Therefore we are aware of the main trends within many industries and we see how other companies deal with this. Our advice will always be based on the latest knowledge and developments so that our clients make optimal use of their opportunities.

When preparing the annual account we ensure that our clients have access to specialist and financial knowledge. Obviously, we will ensure that the annual account complies with the legal regulations.

Do you have questions about the preparation of your annual account? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Together we will ensure that you make the right decisions and assure the future of your company!

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    • Introduction with a cup of coffee

      First of all, during a personal introduction we will discuss the assignment. Among other things, we will go through the relevant developments, the ambitions of your organization, your personal ambitions, etc. This way, we will get a clear picture of the actual assignment and what you want to achieve.

    • Carrying out the assignment

      After you have agreed that we will carry out the assignment for you, we will need some documents from you. We will let you know what the items to be delivered are at this stage. If necessary, we will plan (another) to you.

    • Discussing the assignment

      After we have completed the assignment, we will personally take you through our findings. We will also evaluate the progress of the assignment itself and things like the lead time, delivery of documents and feedback with regard to the assignment.

    • Reporting

      For optimal insight, we report via a digital portal, among others. All findings and applicable documents can be found there. Of course we can also email you the documents or send them to you by post. The final step is to plan the next visit again for the upcoming period.